Courageous Faith

GO Network believes that church planting is one of the most challenging efforts anyone can undertake. It requires enormous amounts of faith and hard work. It also requires the planter and his family to be in top spiritual, emotional and physical shape.

Go Network is a group of churches committed to developing church planters that will reach people far from God with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are looking for planters who are in this for the long term and who want to plant externally focused churches in Mississippi. Planters who participate in Go’s development process will be asked to engage in very intense ministry experiences that will cause them to examine their lives and grow through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our home page picture is there to challenge all of us to remember that being obedient to the great commission will require courageous faith. It is about committing to a life journey that will not be easy. It is about giving our lives away so we can witness the God of this universe work in the lives of people who at one point in time were running away from Him. Are you ready to GO?

If we have captured your interest, please continue reading about primary areas planters will need to make important decisions about. This information will also help you understand what is required to receive a recommendation for funding to the Mississippi Baptist Convention from the Go Network.


Establishing sustainable Great Commission churches requires a lot of teamwork. Planters need to prayerfully consider who they will develop partnerships with from a denomination, planting network and sending and supporting church perspective. Go Network is primarily funded by the Mississippi Baptist Convention Cooperative Program and is committed to developing planters who start Mississippi Baptist Churches. Planters desiring a partnership with Go and the Mississippi Baptist Convention will need to commit to the following:

Theological Cooperation – Planters are expected to affirm that they have read the current version (2000) of the Baptist Faith and Message and that they and their church will make every effort to minister and teach in accordance with its principles.

Missional Cooperation – Planters are expected to commit to leading their churches to give to the Cooperative Program, including making a written commitment of the percentage of their regular tithes and offerings that will be given.

Congregational Cooperation – Once the new church is functioning as a congregation, they will be expected to provide minutes of the business meeting in which they voted to affiliate with the Mississippi Baptist Convention. The planter also agrees to provide monthly reporting of key information while they are receiving MBC funding.

Planter Development

Planters are expected to actively participate in Go Network’s development process that will include an initial assessment of the planter as well as development Intensives (typically held one Saturday each month for 9 months) designed to prepare the planter. Planters will be required to demonstrate their competencies in Communications, Leadership, Personal Management, Theological Development and Strategic Thinking and Execution by producing specific outcomes related to each competency. Planters are also expected to actively participate in a coaching process using a coach provided by Go Network for 18 to 24 months.

Planter Resources

Planters are expected to raise financial support for their new church in addition to the MBC funds they request. Planters are also expected to recruit a sending church that will provide meaningful levels of spiritual, logistical and financial support. Planters will need to provide written documentation of a specific amount of pledged or in hand support prior to receiving MBC funding. The amount of pledged/raised support required will be determined by Go Network and will be based on the planter’s context and resources available to the planter. Currently MBC funding recommendations by Go Network do not exceed a total of $40,000 and are typically spread over three years.

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